This is from my days of higher education, i take really good notes

Actually all this stuff I am posting right now is pretty old, i found it all in this bin under my bed and picked out some choice cutz. NEW TUH YOU!

This is an idea i had for teapot


more notes i think

there talking about the gentrification of an ethnic neighborhood

If you were to ask this guy, he would tell you he has his shit figured out

A mixture of gang signs, crippling anxiety, and deformity. Just like life.

speaking of gangs, this is a pretty sick bunch of putties

putty playing rock paper scissors alone

First of two disembowelment s


definetly Bryant Merma inspired bug things

thats all i got for now


Apply generously to Head, Neck, Feet, Scalp, and Scrotum

Thats all for now

How you doin!?

So im at my parent’s house in Bartlett for my sister’s wedding this Friday, should be tons of fun i can’t wait! My mom gave me this laptop to play with cuz i dont really have anything here to do. It has Windows so im gonna catch up on my MS Paint skillz.

Dollas, erebody wantz sum

 This isn’t really a drawing, more like a collage, except it doesnt really exist cuz i made it in paint, but it looks nice so whatever.

These girls are lookin ill

 When I drew this I couldn’t figure out why the girls looked so gross, then i realized i was drawing them from some fashion magazine and they actually did look that way. Now that im looking at it again it looks like a drawing of Cinderella cuz the nice looking girl has a crown on and the other two are nasty butter facez, that was unintentional but im into it.

I would just like to say,

I dont actually know when Spring really goes down, but it was warm enough to be outside in just a hoodie so i was grateful

When i was younger i fantasized frequently about being able to shrink

And dont come back

more of this

In other news,

It is a beast

A Drawing i done

Im not sure if you can really tell whats happening here

I mentioned this guy in my previous post.

It's a bitch

This is a comic strip i drew about a character named The Traveler

The Guitar Lesson

Page 2

This is a better picture of a something i already posted under the “drawings” tab


Mysterious stuff is going on here

  • Fancy Hat
  • Abrahmaham bricoln

    look at this four eyes


    Polar Bear from Lost

    The Mayor

    The islands from Lost

    these are some drawings i did a while ago that i found recently

    Skull!!! FUGYEAH!

    This one is totally about death and really deep dark stuff like that.


    so is this one


    The Planet I was born on. Welcome to it. have you ever seen independence day? when Will Smith opens up that aliens space ship and he sees an alien for the very first time, maybe for really realz the first time  any human has seen these aliens, and he says “welcome to Earth” and then punches that alien in the face, i love that part. i got a drawing about it somewhere ill have to find and post.

    "What Kind of Music Do You Listen To"?

    Duh! the GOOD! kind!

    Wheelz Brah!

    I wanted to make this into a shirt really bad when i drew it and still do, except i dont think i would keep the word on there, i think all the drawings are good enough on their own without that shit.

    Servicing my Community

    one time this was me

    Word press is fucking lame, it has stupid shit all over the place that i dont want on my website, maybe i should just go back to school and learn how to make professional websites, wait thats for jocks and wusses who can’t handle life in the real world. COLD WORLD. everytime i read that little tag-line “just another wordpress blog” i wanna kill myself. This is what i look like when im sitting at home.

    How's you doin

    I am going to leave the title the way it is, “Hello world!” thats your default first post. Thats pretty sick.


    this is what im all about, upside down crosses and hands with teeth and shit