these are some drawings i did a while ago that i found recently

Skull!!! FUGYEAH!

This one is totally about death and really deep dark stuff like that.


so is this one


The Planet I was born on. Welcome to it. have you ever seen independence day? when Will Smith opens up that aliens space ship and he sees an alien for the very first time, maybe for really realz the first time  any human has seen these aliens, and he says “welcome to Earth” and then punches that alien in the face, i love that part. i got a drawing about it somewhere ill have to find and post.

"What Kind of Music Do You Listen To"?

Duh! the GOOD! kind!

Wheelz Brah!

I wanted to make this into a shirt really bad when i drew it and still do, except i dont think i would keep the word on there, i think all the drawings are good enough on their own without that shit.

Servicing my Community

one time this was me