How you doin!?

So im at my parent’s house in Bartlett for my sister’s wedding this Friday, should be tons of fun i can’t wait! My mom gave me this laptop to play with cuz i dont really have anything here to do. It has Windows so im gonna catch up on my MS Paint skillz.

Dollas, erebody wantz sum

 This isn’t really a drawing, more like a collage, except it doesnt really exist cuz i made it in paint, but it looks nice so whatever.

These girls are lookin ill

 When I drew this I couldn’t figure out why the girls looked so gross, then i realized i was drawing them from some fashion magazine and they actually did look that way. Now that im looking at it again it looks like a drawing of Cinderella cuz the nice looking girl has a crown on and the other two are nasty butter facez, that was unintentional but im into it.